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Public IP address: ?

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Firewalls and VPN/IPSec

General information


Lecturer: Lauri Võsandi


In this course we will attempt to set up a network similar to a corporate network with multiple offices, eg http://docplayer.it/docs-images/20/596222/images/25-0.png

We will use VPN software to connect subnets to each other and we will use VPN software to connect our personal computers to the intranet.

For this course we have 3 Sun servers, each with 16GB of RAM. In each server we should be able to create 3 or more virtual machines. As host operating system we will install Ubuntu 16.04 server. On disks set up ext4 on mdraid set up in RAID1 configuration.

For virtualization let's use libvirtd and virt-manager on your Ubuntu laptops. Adventurous might want to try to set up Kimchi web interface.



Public IP address: ?


  • domain controller, at this point primarily for user accounts
  • nginx web server, for company's homepage

Research & development

Public IP address: ?


  • Git hosting, for sharing scripts
  • Wiki, for exchanging information


Public IP address: ?


  • IRC, for chatting
  • Certificate management for roadwarriors
  • Monitoring software of your choice to make sure that services are up and running
  • E-mail for sending notifications from monitoring software at first

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