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Authentication and Authorization

General information

In this course we continue where we left off with Firewalls and VPN/IPsec course.

General plan:

  • Set up incident management software
  • Set up Windows servers to serve as domain controllers and fileservers
  • Reconfigure Gogs, wiki, incident management software and other services to make use of user accounts in AD
  • Set up domain controller replication between servers
  • Connect some of the network sockets of rooms 412 and 411 to the internal network interfaces of the servers
  • Join Windows, Ubuntu and Mac workstations of 412/411 to domain
  • Set up QNAP fileserver as domain member in 412
  • Set up group policies
  • Customize workstations
  • Set up OpenWrt wifi routers as access points with username/password authentication (like eduroam wireless network)


Lecturers: Lauri Võsandi, Belgin Tastan


In this course we will attempt to set up a network similar to a corporate network with multiple offices, eg

We will use VPN software to connect subnets to each other and we will use VPN software to connect our personal computers to the intranet.

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