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The Robotics course is intended to provide 6 ECTS for participating in the Robotics Club activities. From September until November of 2017 the main focus is to get two basketball robots and four sumorobots ready for Robotex 2017.

Basically attend lectures, pick any of the suggested tasks/projects, confirm with Lauri and earn your ECTS.


For September four lectures/meetings will take place:

  • 7. September 14:00-15:30 room 410 in College building - Introduction of Robotics Club, it's equipment, capabilities and resources. Recap of last year, take a look at running projects.
  • 14. September 14:00-15:30 room 410 in College building - Image recognition, OpenCV, Python, video capture/playback
  • 21. September 14:00-15:30 room 410 in College building - Microcontrollers, take a look at Arduino, ESP32 and their capabilities
  • 28. September 14:00-15:30 room 410 in College building - Powering circuits, work safety, measuring tools, form teams for Robotex 2017.

After September students are expected to with their group on a weekly basis at Robotics Club (room 412) to work on their project, for easier synchronization there shall be pizza on Thursdays 18:00 :)

24-26. November - Qualify at Robotex with your team's robot

Tasks & projects

Basketball robot source and relevant issues:

  • K-means clustering for image recognition
  • Pipeline latency measurement
  • Basketball throwing mechanism design and assembly

Sumorobot source and relevant issues:

  • Conduct workshops for children
  • Web interface development
  • Make sumo programmable in a new programming language

Learn about gadget, publish howto and conduct workshop

  • WiFi Pineapple NANO
  • Bash Bunny
  • USB Rubber Ducky
  • LAN Turtle
  • HackRF
  • Proxmark 3
  • Yubikey

Robotics club PR:

  • Maintain homepage, write and publish stories
  • Create page at
  • Find sponsors


  • Set up inventory management/tracking

For fun


Teh space probe

Members: Mikus, Frank Hardware missing: none?

Zoidberg vol2

Members: Marek, Madis, Taivo Hardware needed: ?


Members: Madis H, Henri, Madis V Hardware needed: suitable motors? 3D printed frame?


Members: Andreas

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