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Lecturer FAQ


This page should answer to all questions regarding teaching at Estonian IT College. Feel free to add missing information

I am interested! What do you need?

The curriculum is available at here. Expect changes due to merge with Tallinn University of Technology.

There are many courses where we could use help, just pick your favourite topic(s) and send Lauri an e-mail to see how you could fit the big picture.

To make things smoother please mention your Estonian ID-code, academic degree and attach your CV.

What topics should the course cover

For most 1st year courses there is a subject program available when clicking on the course link at ÕIS.

Some courses have detailed information here at wiki as well

If you're assigned to a new course it's also your task to create the course description. Note that for new courses the salary is multiplied with a coefficient of 1.5 for the first semester.

What's my workload

As per TUT rules the workload for student means:

  • 3 ECTS - 78 academic hours of workload
  • 6 ECTS - 156 academic hours of workload
  • 9 ECTS - 234 academic hours of workload

TUT rules also specify maximum contact lessons:

  • 3 ECTS - 2 academic hours per week or 32 academic hours per semester
  • 6 ECTS - 4 academic hours per week or 64 academic hours per semester
  • 9 ECTS - 6 academic hours per week or 96 academic hours per semester

It is possible to cram 3 ECTS course to half-semester, in which case the per week hours are doubled. In other words 3 ECTS course given in 2 months means 4 academic hours per week.

It is up to the lecturer how you're planning to split the time between traditional lectures and hands on labs.

At the moment Merike is in charge of the schedule. The schedule is of course not hard coded and it is possible to make changes. Please forward your requests to Merike. You can check if your timetable at and by typing your name into Lecturer field.

What's my salary

Part time lecturers (which most of you are) are paid in the end of the semester (january and may ?). A formula is used to calculate the workload for lecturers which takes into account ECTS, number of students. Hourly rate is dependant on your academic degree. The contracts will be signed in the beginning of semester once the number of students is known, that's beginning of February for Spring semester and September for Fall semester. The contract also mentions the hourly rate and workload calculation.

Note that for new courses the salary is multiplied with a coefficient of 1.5 for the first semester.

What's my username/password

Once a user has been created for you at ÕIS/SIS please log in at and attempt to log in with ID-card. Once logged in you can reset your password by clicking My settings -> Change my password. Click on My Data and scroll down to User information and remember your username.

Using the same account you can now log in here at wiki. If you're not planning to read college mailbox regularily please forward e-mails to your personal account at

Your homepage is at You can access it using any SFTP protocol capable software by connecting to server. When logged in to school workstation the folder is mapped to H: under Windows and ~/Documents under Ubuntu. Also W: drive or ~/Avalik can be used for sharing files between students and teachers internally.

What about classrooms?

First number of the room signifies the floor number (soviet floor numbering system)

  • Room 320: Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04/Mac triple-boot workstations
  • Room 317: Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04 dual-boot workstations
  • Room 319: Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04 dual-boot workstations
  • Room 410: Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04 dual-boot workstations
  • Room 415: Classic lecture hall 16 persons
  • Room 314: Lecture hall for 200+ students
  • Room 316: Classic lecture hall
  • Room 222: Classic lecture hall
  • Room 221: Classic lecture for 60 persons
  • Room 217: Modern classroom for 48 persons with movable

Under Ubuntu packages can be rather quickly installed but if possible please send your software requests at least 2 days in advance to Veiko or Lauri.

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