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Team page for Deploying IT Infrastructure Solutions.


  • Irena Adamowicz, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences
  • Aleksas Janulevičius, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences
  • Vilius Nedzveckas, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences
  • Rene Pärnpuu, Estonian Information Technology College
  • Xiangwei Zuo, Estonian Information Technology College
  • Giannis Christofakis, T.E.I. of Crete, Department Of Applied Informatics And Multimedia


  • To make an database to save driving lesson's information for reviewing.
  • To make an application for Android devices that marks start and end time of lesson.
  • To make website, where students can see their lesson on Google maps.
  • enable students or instructors to register driving lessons (time, name or routes)


Monday - 25.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • First thing: Our group formed, members from Estonia, Lithuania and Greece.

  • Second thing: Get acquainted with our team members.
  • Third thing: in the afternoon we won the sumo-robot competition. The program we used was "Arduino". First time to use the program. At last, our little robot pushed others hard and became the winner.

Wonderful start for our group!

In addition:

Margus Ernits' lecture about documentation.

Lithuania students delivered us a lecture about data mining.

Graphical User Interface lecture from Vilnius University of Applied Sciences' Mindaugas Liogys.

Tuesday - 26.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • First thing: Analyze our project. Problem analysis. requirement analysis.
  • Second thing: prepare our questions for tomorrow. clients will come to our interview.

Problems what we faced:

  • First problem: description of the task is too brief. It is hard to understand all the purposes and requirements of the task.
  • Second problem: As we don't know the purpose of the task, we don't know the system's requirements and user. Will Estonian automobile registration use the system or not? Police department? The scope of the task.

Things what we plan to do:

  • First thing: divide our tasks and use iteration methods to work.
  • Second thing: write down all the questions to ask our clients.

In addition:

In the morning Margus Ernits(Estonia) gave us a lecture about Security Testing. It was very energy consuming three-hour practice class.

After lunch Dr. Nikolas Vidakis (Greece) taught us about how to acquire information from clients. We learned how to use UML Visual Paradigm program.

Wednesday - 27.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • First thing: Talked to our client Helmes AS' Java team leader Vaiko Karusian face to face. Since he was IT personal, he understood our questions and answered quite thoroughly. In case we need some more help, we can email him later.
  • Second thing: drew graph about our system and divide our jobs. For example: Database, Android (GPS), Web application; Design and interface; WIKI documentation and presentation.

Problems what we faced:

  • First problem: devices will be programed with different programs, how to connect them without faults will be challenging.
  • Second problem: work flow, how to divide our jobs.

Questions and answers from client:

  • First Question: what is the purpose of the task?

Answer to question: For fun for the students, additional feature for driving school.

  • Second Question: May student have more than 1 teacher at the time?

Answer to question: Yes!

  • Third Question: Are the devices alwasys in the same car?

Answer to question: Yes

  • Fourth Question: What devices can we use?

Answer to question: Whatever we decide to choose

  • Fifth Question: How are devices supposed to be connected to internet?

Answer to question: Via WI-FI or 3G.

Things what we plan to do:

  • First thing: Make database for the system first
  • Second thing: design the interfaces.

Thursday - 28.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • Decided what we're gonna do afterwards.
  • Researched which is the best way to send data to our database.
  • Accepted database schema.
  • Updated wiki!!!

Problems what we faced:

  • How to send data with phonegap from Android to Web server.
  • Debates about database schema.

Things what we plan to do:

  • With phonegap we're gonna do mobile phone application with what we POST data to our web server.
  • Finish design as soon as possible.
  • Make registration program with C#.
  • Setup server.

Friday - 29.03.13

Things what we did that day: Happy Easter to Everybody!

  • First thing: built up our computer-server system. Rene Pärnpuu brought us a router and server from somewhere and built up the system. Our group members' computers were connected to the server.
  • Second thing: Database formats are created on the server. Decided to use only mobile GPS, not separate GPS devices.

Problems what we faced:

  • Still we have to figure out how to send data with Phonegap from Android to Web server. (for example: routs, times and duration of the lessons from GPS to Data server.) Automatically.
  • We asked for a real GPS device and Indrek Rokk will contact Helmes AS to get one. On Monday evening we will test our first GPS network with Android phone GPS. (Initial test)
  • Web Application just get started to make.


Summary of what we did and solution what we developed

Final documentation



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