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Most of the information was already in the May 5 feedback in the forum, but let it be here as well.

SPEAIT Spring 2021 exam times

  • Wednesday, May 19 at 10.00 (AM) Tallinn time
  • - " - May 26 - " -
  • - " - June 2 - " -

How it's done

We will do the exam from the distance, using the written (essay) form and the following protocol (please register to one of the exam days in ÕIS!):

  • Shortly before the beginning of the exam (10AM Tallinn time), the student sends the lecturer an e-mail that he/she is ready.
  • The lecturer will reply with three randomly chosen topics.
  • The student will confirm receiving the topics (can also tell the chosen topic, but it is not mandatory), the clock starts ticking.
  • Within the next two hours (the hard limit is 2.5 hours - after that, the exam will not count), the student sends in a 2-page essay on the chosen topic. NB! ONE topic, not all three! The length is counted on typical word processor text (single spacing, 12pt font). You can use other formats, but adjust the length accordingly. Please send the essay in PDF format as this is the least likely to cause compatibility issues!
  • The lecturer will confirm receiving the essay.
  • The essays will be graded by the next noon (the latest, possibly earlier), the grades go to ÕIS.

The essays do not need to have a very specific format. No title page is needed, but be sure that your name is listed somewhere there - especially if you use an e-mail address that does not contain your full name. If you use references, it is still nice to list sources (just like we did in blogs).

Note: on the exam days, please send the initial e-mail about 5-10 minutes before 10AM and expect to wait for some minutes, depending on the number of people wanting to write on that day - I will have to reply to all of them in sequence.

NB! Anyone who registers to an exam but does not show up (contact me) on any of the three exam days, will receive the grade based on existing points after the conclusion of the last exam day (June 2) - those with less than 51 will receive MI (not present).


As you probably know, doing the exam is not mandatory:

  • if you have got 91+ points (by the end of the main course, May 12), you will get max grade and no further work is needed (but see the remark below on ÕIS!).
  • if you have got 51-90 points, you can take the exam, or alternatively inform the lecturer (via e-mail) that you won't take it and will take your grade based on the existing points.
  • if you have ~30 to 50 points, you must take the exam in order to have a chance to pass the course.
  • if you have less than that, you probably cannot pass this time.

NB! Even if you plan to skip the exam (or have already received your 5), you should still formally register to the exam on one of the days at ÕIS - this will help to ensure that you have a place in the system where your grade can be entered.

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