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The participants' list will be updated at the start of the next course.
Everybody should add his/her name and blog address here.
Everybody should add his/her name and blog address here.

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* Tashi Kamlaldin Rwalshrangpa https://www.blogger.com/profile/14026800162708146439
* ...
* Maria Logberg, https://mlogberg.wordpress.com/
* ...
* Semen Diev https://cybersecurityinfospeedrun.blogspot.com/
* Andres Naruson https://tln-cyberstalker.blogspot.com/
* Aleksandr Voronkov, https://cyberkotyara.blogspot.com/
* Johannes Kodumäe https://thisismyblogaboutcybersecurity.wordpress.com/
* Grzegorz Kmita, https://otisthescribe.wordpress.com/
* Anton Ostashkov, https://anosta1147.wordpress.com/
* Vladislav Suprun, https://vlsupr.blogspot.com/
* Can Çağlar, https://injapanheartsurgeonnumber1steadyhand.wordpress.com/
* Izolde Springe, https://cyberice3.wordpress.com/
* Ezel Erguden  https://blog60239333.wordpress.com
* Sanan Mammadli https://taltech-sananm.blogspot.com/
* Alejandro Ballesteros Perez, https://ballesterosalx.wordpress.com/
* Farid Azizov
* Artyom Davydik https://cyberkotleta.wordpress.com/
* Lorenzo Cavallini, https://locava.wordpress.com/
* Louis Alvin, https://speait.louis-alvin.eu/
* Helena Veebel, https://helenablog1.blogspot.com
* Nicoleta Petrea https://addicttech-nicoleta.blogspot.com/
* Aleksei Bahmatov, https://cybermonki.wordpress.com/
* Oskar Pikkov, https://r00m641a.blogspot.com/
* Rasmus Reigo, https://rareig.wordpress.com/
* Ilya Nikolaev, https://itisagoodidea.blogspot.com/
* Benedek Matveev, https://bematv.wordpress.com/
* Farkas Pongrácz, https://fapong.wordpress.com/
* Risto Remmel, https://riremm.blogspot.com/
* Pavel Rotov, https://pavelrotov-speait.blogspot.com/
* Nadine Jungermann, https://e-speait-nadine.blogspot.com/
* Sofia Bermudez : https://speaitsofia.wordpress.com
* Edvin Toome https://edvintoome.blogspot.com/
* Bendegúz Koszticsák https://bekosz.blogspot.com/
* Margus Valdre https://itobsevatoorium.blogspot.com/
* Akimbek Kurlys https://kazakhsecurity.wordpress.com/akimbek-kurlyss-blog/
* Artur Lykov https://roomno40.blogspot.com/
* Roman Krutsko https://siidirom.blogspot.com/
* Dmitri Trubetskoi https://zxclord.blogspot.com/
* Luca Maddaleno https://www.lucamaddaleno.me/ [(https://www.lucamaddaleno.me/feed rss feed])
* The OPML file with the RSS feeds for the forum and all the blogs will be available when the course gets underway and all participants are onboard.

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[[E-SPEAIT | Back to the course page]]


Latest revision as of 13:26, 27 June 2022

The participants' list will be updated at the start of the next course.

Everybody should add his/her name and blog address here.

If you log in with your Uni-ID, you should have the 'edit' tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, you are allowed to e-mail the address directly to the lecturer (but this would keep others from reading - and possibly contributing to, by commenting - your blog), therefore publishing is preferred.

Attention: if you see that the list is already long, please add yourself to the bottom of it. Otherwise, later people will be really hard to spot.



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