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* Andre Tomingas https://speaitantomi.blogspot.com/
* ...
* Andrei Aleksejev https://andreialeksejev.wordpress.com/
* ...
* Anastassia Pellja, https://anastassyablog.blogspot.com/
* Andrei Boitsov, https://radicalyoosha.wordpress.com/
* Anton Kolisnetšenko, https://akolisnetsenko.blogspot.com/
* Arseni Sergeev, https://arserg.wordpress.com/
* Balint Adam https://balintadamspeait.blogspot.com/
* Benedek Matveev https://bematv.wordpress.com/
* Carlos Rodriguez, https://carlosarfcg.blogspot.com/
* Dachi Mshvidobadze, https://oxbaa.herokuapp.com/
* Denis Gilimson https://espeaitgilden.blogspot.com
* Dennis Bykov, https://dennisbykov.wordpress.com/
* Djessim Aberkane, https://dkaane-ttu.blogspot.com
* Dominik Kovacs, https://kovidomiblog.blogspot.com/
* Edvin Ess https://taltechedviness.wordpress.com/
* Elina Kurr, https://elinakurr.wordpress.com/
* Elza Anna Budreika, https://elzabudreikaspeait.blogspot.com/
* Emil T. Madsen, https://emiltmadsen.github.io/
* Farshid Sajadi https://farshid.eu/
* Gonzalo Cabanillas https://gocaba.blogspot.com/
* Gustav Gretskov https://gretskovicd0006.blogspot.com/
* Jakub Harvanik https://jakubharv.blogspot.com/
* Jan Markus Üprus, https://janyprus.blogspot.com/
* Jernej Ozebek, https://jernejozebek.blogspot.com/
* Johanna Heinonen, https://jheino.blogspot.com
* Kai Šank https://kaishttu.wordpress.com/
* Keisuke Konno, https://kekonn-ttu.blogspot.com/
* Ketevan Jebisashvili https://ketajebo.wordpress.com/
* Kirill Kurkin, https://kikurk.blogspot.com/
* Kristiina Šamanina https://krsama.wordpress.com/
* Kristo Tammsoo https://kristotammsoo.blogspot.com/
* Leonid Vagulin https://levagulin.blogspot.com/
* Lita Kornilova https://lita-kornilova-speait.blogspot.com
* Luca Mizzi, https://lumixespeait.blogspot.com/
* Maksim Makarov https://motherka.wordpress.com/
* Maksim Semjonov, https://msemjo.wordpress.com/
* Mariano D'Angelo, https://jimilikesit.blogspot.com/
* Marion Martin https://marionspeait.blogspot.com/
* Mark Shafran https://mshafra.blogspot.com/
* Maxim Henry Don https://ics0006-max-don.blogspot.com
* Mihkel Kiil https://espeaitmihkelkiil.wordpress.com/
* Nikita Balanenkov, https://balanenkov1.blogspot.com/
* Nikita Kovaljov, https://nikitakovaljov.blogspot.com/
* Pierre Gastellu https://pigastellu-ttu.blogspot.com/
* Rainer Toots https://rtootskie.blogspot.com
* Rashad Gafarli, https://rashadgafarli.blogspot.com/
* Reno Špitsmeister, https://kuij6e.blogspot.com/
* Sandro Chkareuli https://sandrochkareuli.blogspot.com/
* Savva Bychkov https://www.savva.xyz/
* Uku Orupõld, https://ukorup.blogspot.com/
* Valentin Kirjan https://vakirj.wordpress.com/
* Zeyad Kenawi https://zeyad-blog.wixsite.com/website
The OPML file with the RSS feeds for the forum and all the blogs (as of Feb 24) [https://akadeemia.kakupesa.net/SPEAIT/SPEAIT2021K.opml is available here].
* The OPML file with the RSS feeds for the forum and all the blogs will be available when the course gets underway and all participants are onboard.
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Everybody should add his/her name and blog address here.

If you log in with your Uni-ID, you should have the 'edit' tab at the top of this page. Alternatively, you are allowed to e-mail the address directly to the lecturer (but this would keep others from reading - and possibly contributing to, by commenting - your blog), therefore publishing is preferred.

Attention: if you see that the list is already long, please add yourself to the bottom of it. Otherwise, later people will be really hard to spot.



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  • The OPML file with the RSS feeds for the forum and all the blogs will be available when the course gets underway and all participants are onboard.

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