Nemo Team Personal Input

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Daniel Cuervo

We worked together in most of the areas, so its hard to make a separation of tasks, nevertheless i think i can highlight my work in: Project Management,

  • Product Design,
  • Technologies Research,
  • Product Development (CIU & Aug. Reality),
  • Presentations preparation and execution.

Several things are left in me from this project, but mainly i would say that:

  • Assistive Technologies is counted now as one of my development interests,
  • There is no such disability that makes impossible to use a computer,
  • Apparently I can make speeches,
  • Some people is harder to motivate!!!!!!!!

Greg Maragkakis

My work:

  • Research in assistive technology,
  • Presentation preparation,
  • Research in infrastructure solutions.

So what i've learned. How . . .

  • To work as a member of a team,
  • To respect my colleagues,
  • To improvise my speech,

Nefeli Goumenaki

During this intensive project we learned a lot of things. First of all, it was hard in the beginning to speak in english again because i didn’t practise them in Greece. Also, i had my doubts concerning the project because i had no clue what we were supposed to do. But after the meetings with the meetings with the clients it came more and more clearer. So, i am very glad that i had the opportunity to work with other foreigners students and we all learned how teamwork works!

Basically, my work for this project was:

  • Research in infrastructure and assistive technologies for our client,
  • Making the daily presentations,
  • Writing some parts of the documentation,
  • Finding pictures relevant with our project,
  • Discussing about the problems we faced with the rest of the team,
  • Finding specially software we used and their prices and the last,
  • Work with other foreigners students as a team member.