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* '''GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)'''; Patricia Bruno Barbosa; CSE-11
* '''GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)'''; Patricia Bruno Barbosa; CSE-11
* '''BackBox OS'''; Ats Tootsi; CSE-11
* '''BackBox OS'''; Ats Tootsi; CSE-11
*[https://wiki.itcollege.ee/index.php/creating_malware_lab '''How to create your own malware analysis lab'''], Mikus, CSE-11
*[https://wiki.itcollege.ee/index.php/Apparmor_and_its_usage '''Apparmor and its usage'''], Mikus, CSE-11
*''''Arch Linux'''';Farhan Nayeem Islam;CSE-C11
*''''Arch Linux'''';Farhan Nayeem Islam;CSE-C11
* ''''VPN basics'''', Christian Cataldo, CSE-C11; [https://wiki.itcollege.ee/index.php/VPN_(English_version)]
* ''''VPN basics'''', Christian Cataldo, CSE-C11; [https://wiki.itcollege.ee/index.php/VPN_(English_version)]

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  • Write the topic here.
  • Lecturer will confirm the topic
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Requirements for the wiki article

Author: name, group and date when the article is written


Covers points what will be discussed in the article, what are the requirements for the article reader; what are the operating system’s requirements.


All commands should be easily separable from the overall text. Users should be able to copy the commands directly (additional info like prompt and user distinction symbols should be left out from the command description area) The text should determine what user permissions are needed to perform these tasks. The reader of your article is your fellow students, so try to avoid irrelevant information and stay on topic (don’t explain the meaning of IP address or how to install Ubuntu, when your topic is actually about htop) All the content should be referenced. Do not use slang and try to be grammatically correct.
Bear in mind that this is an open environment, so everything you write in your wiki article, will be public.


Best practises of wiki referencing should be used. Terms are but between square brackets to reference other articles in the system. All drawing and images have to be referenced below the picture and in the text. (for example “System architecture can be viewed on image x, y and z.”) Author’s own ideas have to be clearly presentable. Everything used from the sources have to be referenced.

Fellow student review

Please find a fellow student who will review your article and give a feedback on the discussion tab of the article using the following assessment model.


Besides a short overview, what was discussed in this article, it should also include the author's own opinion about the topic.


Add the following category to the end of the article (last row):
[[Category:Operatsioonisüsteemide administreerimine ja sidumine]]

Chosen topics

Please write here your topic and name, group:

  • Fedora OS; Anamul Hoque Shihab; CSE-11
  • Basic Automation with Python; Ardi Vaba; CSE-11
  • SSH Encryption; Frank Korving; CSE-11
  • Translation of OSadmin wiki help page to English [[1]]; Peep Kuulme; CSE-11
  • Cross-Site Scripting; Masaki Ihara; CSE-11
  • Auditd - Linux system monitoring with audit daemon, Nika Ptskialadze, CSE-11
  • GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG); Patricia Bruno Barbosa; CSE-11
  • BackBox OS; Ats Tootsi; CSE-11
  • Apparmor and its usage, Mikus, CSE-11
  • 'Arch Linux';Farhan Nayeem Islam;CSE-C11
  • 'VPN basics', Christian Cataldo, CSE-C11; [2]
  • Translation of DDoS Wiki page[[3]]'; Andris Männik; CSE-11
  • Translation of Ps Wiki page[[4]]; Christopher Carr; CSE-11
  • Translation of Bash_Shell wiki page[[5]]; Steven Rugam; CSE-11
  • Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager; Oliver Rahula; CSE-11