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Team page for Deploying IT Infrastructure Solutions.

Team Members

  • Veiko Vainu, IT College
  • Andreas Plado, IT College
  • Giorgos Ioannidis, T.E.I. of Crete, Department Of Applied Informatics And Multimedia
  • Konstantinos Michailidis, T.E.I. of Crete, Department Of Applied Informatics And Multimedia


  • System design description, including:
    • Component diagram
    • Database diagram
    • Sequence diagram
  • Suggestion on database, programming language and reusable components.
  • Creating a project time plan with at least two scenarios:
    • Full scope
    • Minimum scope
  • BONUS:
    • Prototype solution covering some part of the system.


Monday - 25.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • Participate in lectures
  • Learn
  • We get to know each other through the exercises.

Tuesday - 26.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • Composed a set of questions for the client.
  • Started making a draft scenario for the client.
  • Researched similar systems.

Problems what we faced:

  • Lack of project details

Things what we plan to do:

  • Client meeting

Wednesday - 27.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • Met with the client
  • Clarified project details
  • We made the activity chart
  • We divided roles

Problems what we faced:

  • We didn't have problems today

Questions and answers from client:

  • We asked the basic structure of the outcome

The outcome supposed to be the analysis part of the software.

Things what we plan to do:

Thursday - 28.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • Analyse the whole scenario
  • Started making the use-case diagram

Problems what we faced:

  • We didn´t expect the scenario to be so complicated

Things what we plan to do:

  • Finish the use-case diagram
  • Start with class-diagram

Friday - 29.03.13

Things what we did that day

  • Finalized the use-case diagrams
  • Completed the first draft of the class diagram
  • Design the ERD diagram
  • Started creating the final analysis documentation

Problems what we faced:

  • The database was more complicated than we expected

Things what we plan to do:

  • Finalize the class diagram
  • Finalize the first draft of final documentation as a deliverable for our client meeting

Monday - 01.04.13

Things what we did that day:

  • Finalized the system class diagram
  • Completed the ERD diagram
  • Continue creating the final analysis documentation
  • Start creating mockups with mock up builder tool for each one of use cases

Problems what we faced:

Things what we plan to do:

  • Finalize the documentation
  • Meeting with customer at 19:00 today and find out next steps of the Project

Tuesday- 02.04.13

Things what we did that day:

  • (Yesterday)Met with the client to get feedback on what has been done so far, and what should we do from here on.
  • Finalized the description of the use-cases
  • Made changes to the ERD diagram
  • Made changes to the system class diagram
  • Completed most of the final analysis documentation
  • Researched information about possible prototype implementation

Problems what we faced:

  • One of our team members computer malfunctioned

Things what we plan to do:

  • Make a presentation for the final client meeting
  • Practice presenting the final work
  • Finalize the documentation
  • Make a prototype of a part of the system (double elimination tree generation)

Wednesday- 03.04.13

Things what we did that day:

  • Complete documentation
  • Some prototype about match score editing and double elimination tree editing.
  • Scoreboard with static array (NO database implemented)

We made improvements in the documentation:

  • Finalizing mockups
  • Find some useful information about prototype implementation

Things what we plan to do:

  • Prototype about double elimination tree and match editing
  • Finalizing documentation

Thursday- 04.04.13

Things what we did that day:

  • SPS Documentation:Done
  • Prototype about double elimination tree editing:Done in C sharp
  • Sample in Html Web Page for double elimination tree
  • Complete the Final Presentation

Things what we plan to do:

  • Deliver Documentation,vpp files and Html Page


First we have made the uses, cases, ERD-diagram, Class diagram, which are all in one Visual Paradigm project file. All of this is also described in more detail in the final documentation. Visual Paradigm project files

Second we made a time plan in the form of a Task List. Task List

Third we have a prototype for creating double-elimination tree structure. Java source for creating elimination tree

Final documentation

SRS Documentation (IEEE Std 830-1998)

IP Feed-back

Konstantinos Michailidis

First of all, I would like to thank everyone, which has participated to organize the program, for our accomodation etc... I was the SE project manager of the Robotics team. Also I participate in the developing section as well. I make the activity chart, some use case diagrams and the class diagram. At last, I participate to create the final documentation and presentation and export the final edition of its one. The most important part of this new experience was the collaboration with other students, that we did not know but the too intensive schedule did not let us come closer and have fun...

Giorgos Ioannidis

Many thanks to everyone which has participate and organize this program! I was just a brick on the wall..As always,i like to help/learn in/from several tasks. So,in the Robotics System team i had the opportunity to work in a real time Software Analysis/Implementation with multicultural persons. I create:

  • Class Diagrams(part)
  • Use Cases(part)
  • Software Requirements Specification Documentation
  • Tasks Listing
  • some Java programming & Html(part)
  • the intro of the final Presentation.
  • Wiki Page(part)

The most important part of this team work that took place with other students, was to learn-share-live experiences from Life & Technology. That's all folks!

Andreas Plado

I would like to thank all of our teammates for the great job. During this course i learned a lot about software analysis. At first i was bit disappointed doing only documentation during the software making process. But later on i get used to it and i had also opportunity to learn some programming. Also i learned to communicate with different nationalities around the Europe and i saw their culture and different point of views. It can be said that i had overcome with one of my biggest fears - doing live presentations in front of the audience. I think this course was really helpful for me and i would like to use more opportunities to take part of that kind of studies. If i take part of these kind of studies i hope to do actual programs to be more satisfied with the project. Unfortunately time limitations are big problem in that kind of projects.

Veiko Vainu

At first we started making the use case´s, all together, as they´re the cornerstone of a good analysis. When we had the initial use case´s done, we started dividing upcoming tasks to finish them faster. I had a decent part in creating the ERD-diagram, and also the major role in describing the uses case´s through the scenarios. My final and biggest input, in my opinion, was the creation of the prototype. The prototype, in our case, was a bonus task and was supposed to be a proof of concept, and not in any way an implementable part of the system.

From the start, after a few days I realized that our projects main goal, the analysis part, isn´t going to be only a few hours of work. At first this was unanticipated, but at the end when we started to do an implementation I could see the analysis part speeding up and easing the process. The analysis helped, but we also started to see flaws in it, we should have starting making implementations based on the analysis earlier. Overall I really liked the experience of working in a multicultural team and communication in a non-native language, English. For the lectures that we had, I personally think that a few of them were a bit too general and could have been more deep/advanced, though I understand that with a large amount of students with different backgrounds this could´ve been risky. Overall I had a good time while working and during leisure activities. I´d like to thank the organizers for this interesting and rich experience.