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Hi there,

here are some ideas for Research Project also known as Projekt or even for your Thesis.

  • Accelerating image recognition with CUDA, ask Raul or Tõnu from Robotics Club
  • Participate on Google Summer of Code and cash in 5500USD, ask Lauri for more informatin
  • Develop the OpenSim world of Estonian IT College, ask Kaido for more information
  • Implement additional scenarios for Battle of Wesnoth, ask Kaido for more information
  • Automation of various cybersecurity labs using e-lab platform, ask Margus or Tiia
  • Remote monitoring of bridges using data supplied by European Space Agency, ask Lauri for more information
  • Modernize sumorobots to use WiFi, ask Lauri
  • Football robots engine which could be programmed in Python or any other high-level language, ask Lauri
  • Remote assistance software a'la Teamviewer using VNC or Jabber, ask Lauri
  • On-line atomic upgrades for Linux-based desktop OS, ask Lauri
  • Open-source VPN automation tool, ask Lauri

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