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Here you may find project ideas from Linux User Group and Robotics Club of Estonian IT College. Do not hesitate to ask if you have ideas of your own! Also check out the calendar.


  • microcorruption, Embedded Security Capture The Flag
  • topcoder, Online computer programming competitions in the Java, C++, and C# languages.
  • Hackerrank, a wide selection of programming languages and many areas of study.
  • CodeEval, profile centric approach to solving coding challenges in many languages.
  • try2hack

Linux User Group

The following is a list of projects proposed by the Estonian IT College Linux User Group (LUG). They are mostly quite beginner friendly as we would encourage students to start off small to build confidence and move their way up. Although we are unable to assign specific tutors we will strive to offer support with any questions you have regarding these or your own projects (also code review and pull requests). :) Send an email to kristo [dotchka] koert [ätt] gmail [donut] com if you are interested in any of the projects and we can discuss how to approach the challenges you will have.

  • [your awesome idea here]
  • HTML/CSS/JS Binary clock - Make a binary clock using web frontend technologies. Straightforward to get a "minimal viable product" (a clock that displays time in binary) and nice possibilities for further enhancements. Ex. add a terminal with which you can enter binary commands for the clock to do different activities, like set an alarm and run a timer/stopper.
  • Build a static webpage with Jekyll. With Jekyll you can easily build static web pages and host them on GitHub for free with no hassle. Check out this basic example.
  • Make a simple JavaScript application. For example todo list, pomodoro app etc. - These types of apps would allow going quickly from an idea to working “visible” software.
  • Build a Binary Clock - A good way to learn python, while simultaneously building something cool and not worrying about composing everything from the bottom up.
  • Use the Telegram bot API to build something cool - A bot that would notify you when your dynamic IP at home changes, a bot that could evaluate code, a bot for notifying you about something you are interested in etc, a bot for notifying about upcoming events in a calendar.
  • Learn to use Heroku by doing their tutorials and expand upon those tutorial results to make a webpage/webapp.
  • Build a chatroom. Setting up a basic chatroom is a nice way to make something cool to show friends. Also you can expand upon your chatroom to make it even cooler, like theming it using a UI framework and adding new functionality identicons for example.
  • Build a talking bot: Using googles voice API, you can make a program that can listen to you and make your voice into text and can turn text into voice. The possibilities after getting that basic functionality down are endless! (many humour, much fun)
  • Build a flash cards application. Simple logic, keyword on one side and explanation on the other. Progressive enhancement: Terminal application with no memory -> Terminal application with json memory -> Terminal application with database memory -> Webapp (actual UI) with no memory -> Webapp with database memory.
  • Automate template email creation of ITK Hackerspace weekly newsletter based on google calendar - Build a script that could read info from this calendar and based on that make a template email that is sent to Kristo.
  • [done] Set up a Raspberry Pi retro gaming console - We will supply the raspberry and controllers and you could set up a retro gaming console on the raspberry. Example instructions: Raspberry->Retro Console
  • Bridge Telegram, IRC and Skype chatrooms - Using for example skype2irc and teleirc we could bridge our Skype chatroom, IRC channel and Telegram chat so everyone everywhere could get in on all chats and use the technology they like the most.

Robotics club

Here's a list of activities in Robotics Club, 4th floor, room 412. The robotics club equipment is available for all students and alumni. Your project does not have to be necessarily connected to robots, software projects are welcome as well. If you're interested in taking part of any of the activities below ask Lauri or one of the mentors directly.

Other projects

Kaido Kikkas pakub projekte ühendust võtta kakk@kakupesa.net

  • Kolledži virtuaalmaailma edasiarendamine - kolledžis

beardo.itcollege.ee peal jookseb "meie oma Second Life" ehk Opensimulatori (http://opensimulator.org) -põhine virtuaalmaailm. Arendamine tähendab erinevaid tegevusi - alates lihtsast hiirega klikkimisest ja lõpetades programmeerimisega LSL-is (Linden Scripting Language, SL-i skriptikeel - sisuliselt Java alamhulk).

  • Uute mängustsenaariumide koostamine Battle for Wesnothile

(http://www.wesnoth.org). Ka siin on tööpõld väga lai - lugude kirjutamine (storytelling), graafika, animeerimine, muusika, skriptimine (Wesnothil on samuti oma skriptikeel, XML-i sarnane WML ehk Wesnoth Markup Language). Paremate mängulugudega võib saada end Wesnothi distributsiooni sisse (kümmekond lugu on mänguga kaasas) ehk oma koodiga Ubuntu ja teiste distrode põhivaramusse.