I803 IT Infrastructure services

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IT Infrastructure services


This is the home page of courses I803 and I385 for both daily and contact students.


Added link to 2018 autumn echo360 video recordings, see "important links" section


Andres Septer >> andres (.) septer (ät) itcollege (.) ee

form of graduation

Comprehensive examination, ECTS 6 I803, ECTS 5 I385

Important links


  • Lectures (I explain stuff)
  • Excercises – practical tasks with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Practicing themes discussed in lectures.
  • Labs – same as exercises, except no step-by-step instructions. You have to find all the necessary information by yourself (Though there is some hints) and solve the problems independedly.


  • Basic understanding how Operating System and services work
  • Basic Linux shell experience
  • Basic understanding how TCP/IP networking works

We DO repeat some (critical) stuff you learned previously (but not all)

Topics covered

  • Introduction. Seminar: IT Infrastructure and it's components.
  • core services: DHCP, DNS, NTP jms.
  • web services (from Infra admin point of view)
  • * Backup and Archive
  • Monitoring and log aggregation
  • Redundancy and high availability (covered within other topics mostly)
  • Documentation and Configuration Management
  • Virtualization
  • How stuff are different, dealing with REAL HARDWARE
  • Additional topics may add up

To Grade

  • You do series of labs (marked as MANDATORY) and present to lecturer.
  • LABs in I-TEE environment (LABS II will be don DURING LESSONS). Schedule will be presented by lecturer during course.
  • LABS in E-LAB environment are done AT HOME. Due date - end of semester. Suggested schedule included with labs.
  • All labs have minimum achievements that MUST be met.
  • Labs are mandatory (at least minimum level)
  • Labs must be ready at due date



E-book is available via TTU Library systems Toru and Safari

Exercizes i-tee (those exercizes are VOLUNTEER, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Those exercizes are done it i-tee ENV [1]

Exercizes (Learning Objects) in ELAB environment (those LABS are MANDATORY)

LABS are done it elab ENV [2] Those LABS contain on-line instructions and are meant to complete at HOME

  • Learning Space - VyOS - Firewall (all three parts), Suggested due date 15 th. october)
  • Learning Space - Monitoring
  • Learning Space - HTTPS Security, Suggested due date, after completion of i-tee LAB123 (DNS,DHCP,NTP) and BEFORE start oh LAB456
  • Learning Space - Linux troubleshooting (suggested to do ASAP, helps to finis labs quicker)

If those LABs are not available when you log to e-lab environment, inform Lecturer immediately.


LABS ARE MANDATORY Those labs are done it Labnet ENV [3]