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The idea

The Crook of the Week seminars are meant for student presentations/talks about famous social engineers of the past. Each seminar will host two 20-minute presentations by different students, plus discussion. The main points of the presentation are

  • to introduce the person (biography)
  • to explain the motivation behind his/her actions
  • to study the modus operandi (ways) of social engineering by this person
  • to outline the main human weaknesses the person exploited (cognitive biases, automatic thinking etc)
  • to summarize the main lesson the person teaches us

A successful presentation will result in passing the course if the attendance criteria (6 out of 8 lectures and seminars) is met. To register a presentation, please send an e-mail to Kaido, stating the chosen time and person to cover. There are only 8 presentations in total - first come, first served! Others would have to resort to other tasks to pass the course!

The Crooks

  • Carlo Ponzi
  • Victor Lustig
  • Frank Abagnale Jr
  • Mark Abene (Phiber Optik)
  • Kevin Mitnick
  • Susan Headley (Suzy Thunder)
  • Kevin Poulsen (Dark Dante)
  • Bernie Madoff
  • Elizabeth Holmes
  • Sam Bankman-Fried
  • Mythical and literary characters: Jacob, Odysseus, Iago, Grima Wormtongue...
  • BYOC (Bring Your Own Crook): introduce a well-known crook from your home country (as we are a very international bunch)!

The Seminars

  1. March 2:
    • Presentation 1
    • Presentation 2
  2. March 9:
    • Presentation 1
    • Presentation 2
  3. March 16:
    • Presentation 1
    • Presentation 2
  4. March 23:
    • Presentation 1
    • Presentation 2

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