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Review of the analysis

The IT Squad has made it their mission to produce a home bookkeeping app called e-Xpense. We thought that the idea was presented clearly. We liked that the team had thought about how their work would better the life of their users and included a little bit of research to back up the need for such an app when there are similar already available.

We liked that the team had identified (although briefly) who their user would actually be. They have clearly given thought to the functionalities their app should have. To the best of our knowledge they have chosen the appropriate technologies to execute this task. In addition to listing the functionalities we would suggest writing a few of the main user stories to get a better idea of how a user might move through their app. This would give the opportunity to think through not only what the user will do with the app but also how he will get there (what tools, buttons, views etc. will the user need).

We noticed that the data export/import option was mentioned in both the must have and nice to have sections, so the team might want to have a look at that and specify the difference between the two.

The team has given thought to the difficulties that might arise. Maybe they could have also talked a little bit about if there was anything they could do to prevent those difficulties from becoming a reality. We would have liked to see a bit more information about what the next steps are going to be when the team starts work on this project and how they at least initially plan to coordinate the workflow.

Other than that we think this is quite a well thought out project with many learning opportunities especially if you add in the “nice to have” functions. The project gives the team a lot of flexibility – meaning if they find the project challenging they can start with a fairly simple implementation and if they have the resources then they can keep adding features to create a more complicated version.

Reading the IT Squads analysis definitely gave our own team some ideas about what aspects we ourselves should analyze a bit more before proceeding.

Wishing you good luck,

Team Scraper