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Finish Udemy R basics course.

Review first 10 minutes of 22.03.16 lecture. Starting from page 203 from "Introduction to Statistics", including Binomial, Poisson, multinomial distributions until 7th chapter regarding normal distributions. What is a normal deviation? What is a percentile? Finish the exercises.

From the book

  • Probability density function
  • Bernoulli trials (Binomial Probability Formula)
  • Cumulative distribution



dnorm etc.




  • Central Limit Theorem

All of the above can be found from pages 203–211 and 249–272.


  • Advanced Graphics from pages 273–299:
    • qq-plots – to compare distributions
    • Cumulative distribution function (CDF)
    • Contour plots
    • 3D plots (rgl lib)

Midterm exam retake is on 29th of April from 8 'til 10.

  • Review the practice video of 19th of April, last 30 min.

Go through (watch) these courses:

TO READ from lectures

  • 12.04 Sampling Distribution
  • 19.04 Sampling Distributions, p. 300-328
  • 26.04 Estimation, p. 329-369
  • Shapiro-Wilk test


Review homework


Finish CodeCademy course!

Do CodingBat exercises daily!

Start programming with Raspberry!

Review 17.03 lectures

REVIEW YaLP with bpython

Web Dev

  • Finish SQLite track on Codecademy
  • Get on track with the Lauri's git
  • Standalone temperature monitor that can be used without external power and the curve output to a web page.


  • Up to 3 tables
  • Up to 5 views
  • Able to write PHP
  • Able to write SQL: select, join, insert, update
    • Has to avoid SQL injections!
  • Has to use cookies
  • Validate W3C validator
  • Basic CSS (Desktop + Mobile)
  • Basic JS (ajax?)

Twiddle with this

InfoSys Analysis

Keep an eye on workshops and quizzes.

Intro to Cybersec

  • Review first 20 min of 06.04.2016 lecture
    • EIK 2016
  • Keep an eye on what's happening in Cybersec industry. Enforce the habit
  • What will be the presentation topic(/demo) ?


Finish networking labs and exam ASAP!