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==Important links==
==Important links==
* [http://enos.itcollege.ee/~asepter/infra2016/ course files folder on enos]
* [http://enos.itcollege.ee/~asepter/infra2016/ course files folder on enos]
* [https://i-tee.itcollege.ee I-TEE labs and exercizes environment]
* [https://labnet.itcollege.ee I-TEE / LABNET labs and exercizes environment]
* [https://elab.itcollege.ee e-lab interactive labs environment]
* Video portal, lecture recordings
* Video portal, lecture recordings
** [https://echo360.org.uk/section/5ad2d09e-1c68-4b59-bcec-d2aad36b3c00/public 2018 I]
** [https://echo360.org.uk/section/5466b793-0531-40a5-a1d1-3c36ac94e0c4/public 2018 II]
** [https://echo360.org.uk/section/17011a09-5aa5-4835-833b-024c81605720/public I803, 2017 autumn]  
** [https://echo360.org.uk/section/17011a09-5aa5-4835-833b-024c81605720/public I803, 2017 autumn]  
** [https://echo360.e-ope.ee/ess/portal/section/352c82c7-1d3e-4cdc-a9d2-5fd5dc17bae4 PÄEVAÕPE 2017]
** [https://echo360.e-ope.ee/ess/portal/section/352c82c7-1d3e-4cdc-a9d2-5fd5dc17bae4 PÄEVAÕPE 2017]

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I803,385 IT Infrastructure services


This is the home page of courses I803 and I385 for both daily and contact students.


Andres Septer >> andres (.) septer (ät) itcollege (.) ee

form of graduation

Comprehensive examination, ECTS 6 I803, ECTS 5 I385

Important links


  • Lectures (I explain stuff)
  • Excercises – practical tasks with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Practicing themes discussed in lectures.
  • Labs – same as exercises, except no step-by-step instructions. You have to find all the necessary information by yourself (Though there is some hints) and solve the problems independedly.


  • Basic understanding how Operating System and services work
  • Basic Linux shell experience
  • Basic understanding how TCP/IP networking works

We DO repeat some (critical) stuff you learned previously (but not all)

Topics covered

  • Introduction. Seminar: IT Infrastructure and it's components.
  • core services: DHCP, DNS, NTP jms.
  • web services (from Infra admin point of view)
  • * Backup and Archive
  • Monitoring and log aggregation
  • Redundancy and high availability (covered within other topics mostly)
  • Documentation and Configuration Management
  • Virtualization
  • How stuff are different, dealing with REAL HARDWARE
  • Additional topics may add up

To Grade

  • You do series of labs (marked as MANDATORY) and present to lecturer.
  • LABs in I-TEE environment (LABS II will be don DURING LESSONS). Schedule will be presented by lecturer during course.
  • LABS in E-LAB environment are done AT HOME. Due date - end of semester. Suggested schedule included with labs.
  • All labs have minimum achievements that MUST be met.
  • Labs are mandatory (at least minimum level)
  • Labs must be ready at due date


Exercizes i-tee (those exercizes are VOLUNTEER, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Those exercizes are done it i-tee ENV [1]

LABS in ELAB environment (those LABS are MANDATORY)

LABS are done it elab ENV [2] Those LABS contain on-line instructions and are meant to complete at HOME

  • Learning Space - VyOS - Firewall (all three parts), Suggested due date 15 th. october)
  • Learning Space - Monitoring
  • Learning Space - HTTPS Security, Suggested due date, after completion of i-tee LAB123 (DNS,DHCP,NTP) and BEFORE start oh LAB456

If those LABs are not available when you log to e-lab environment, inform Lecturer immediately.


LABS ARE MANDATORY Those labs are done it i-tee ENV [3]