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Some points that might make our work together easier:

  • We will use MS Teams as the main environment (in addition to the wiki):
    • To keep the atmosphere somewhat more relaxed, we will not record the sessions (recordings are not needed for passing the course, and the slides/notes will be available separately).
    • Even if the Teams group is closed, we should treat it as a public place - and behave accordingly.
    • In general, keep the microphone and camera off when not talking. Raise your (virtual) hand when you want to say something, and wait until you are given the floor.
    • At lectures, we will keep the discussion in the chat only - during the discussion breaks, using voice would be likely too limiting/slow with 40+ people. The chat will be open throughout the lecture, but Kaido will only respond during the discussion breaks (cannot do that during the lecture part).
    • At seminars, we will use both voice and text chat (in parallel). The exact routine will hopefully fall in place during the first seminars. :)

Also, there are some useful points on the university regulations page (section "Online learning good practice")

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