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Mouse is holding you back, to be the best you really need to know your way around on the keyboard. This page is off to rescue. If you know some useful keyboard shortcuts please add them here by logging in with your school user account and clicking edit on the top.

Notational differences

  • SUPER is a vendor-neutral way to refer to WINDOWS KEY or on Mac
  • M-R means ALT+R, because M refers to Meta key which is also known as ALT key
  • Meta-R means ALT+R
  • ^X means CTRL+X

Directional key ALTernative

If the directional ,,, buttons do not work for whatever reason. Then you can, as an alternative, use the directional buttons on the Numpad section of your keyboard. To change between numerical and directional mode you have to press the (Numlock) button.

Key on
Numeric Keypad
Num Lock On Num Lock Off
1 1 END
2 2
4 4
6 6
7 7 HOME
8 8


Shortcut Action
ALT+TAB Quickly switch between windows. Hold down SHIFT for reverse order
ALT+SPACE Opens window's menu, to move, resize, minimize, maximize the window
ALT+F4 For dialog windows also Escape - Close window
ALT+Underlined character Open the main menu of current window

Mac OS X

Shortcut Action
+TAB Switch between windows
+C Copy
+V Paste

File browser

Shortcut Action
F2 Rename file
CTRL+,,, and SPACE Select individual files
Shift+,,, Select bunch of files
CTRL+A Select all files
CTRL+C Copy file
CTRL+V Paste file
CTRL+X Cut file
ALT+ or BACKSPACE Go up in directory tree
ALT+, ALT+ Navigate back and forth
ALT+ENTER Open file properties
ENTER Enter directory, open file


Shortcut Action
SUPER+PRINT SCREEN Take a screenshot of the desktop and place it under Pictures/Screenshots
CTRL+ALT+,,, Rotate screen
SUPER+, Rezise window to left-/rightmost half of screen
SUPER+ Maximize window
SUPER+R Run command
SUPER+D Show desktop
SUPER+L Lock screen


Shortcut Action
CTRL+SUPER+, Resize window to left-/rightmost half of screen
CTRL+SUPER+, Maximize/Minimize window
CTRL+ALT+T Open terminal
CTRL+ALT+L Lock screen
ALT+F2 Run command
CTRL+ALT+F1 To open up text-only console. Follow this with CTRL+ALT+DELETE for graceful reboot
CTRL+ALT+F7 Return to graphical user interface from text-only console


Shortcut Action
CTRL+U View page source
CTRL+F Find in page
ALT+, Navigate back/forth in history
CTRL+R Refresh
CTRL+N Open new window
CTRL+SHIFT+N Open new incognito window
CTRL+W Close tab
CTRL+L Open address bar
CTRL+K Search
CTRL+H History
CTRL+TAB Switch between tabs
TAB Focus next clickable element in the web page
SHIFT+TAB Focus previous clickable element in the web page
ENTER Click on a link, SUBMIT A FORM
SPACE Tick/untick a checkbox
CTRL+J Open downloads
CTRL+SHIFT+J Open developer console
CTRL+SHIFT+T Reopen closed tabs
CTRL+D Bookmark
CTRL++ Zoom in
CTRL+- Zoom out
CTRL+0 Reset zoom
CTRL+Number Activate according tab in Chrome
ALT+Number Activate according tab in Firefox

Text editors/IDE-s

Shortcut Action
CTRL+A Select all text
CTRL+O Open file
CTRL+F Find in file
CTRL+H Search & replace
CTRL+,,, Move one line up/down, move one word left/right
SHIFT+,,, Select text
TAB Indent
SHIFT+TAB Unindent
PAGE UP,PAGE DOWN Scroll up and down by page
HOME,END Go to beggining/end of line
ALT+Number Select according tab
CTRL+PAGE UP,PAGE DOWN Switch between tabs


Shortcut Action
, Navigate through command history
SHIFT+ALT+, Scroll up/down in terminal output
CTRL+R Search through command history
CTRL+C Kill currently running command
CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy text from terminal
CTRL+SHIFT+V Paste text to terminal
CTRL+Z Background and suspend a command, if accidentally pressed run fg command to resume
CTRL+D End of input, on blank command line equivalent with exit command
CTRL+L Clear screen, equivalent with clear command
CTRL++ Zoom in
CTRL+- Zoom out
CTRL+0 Reset zoom

Midnight Commander

Command line Norton Commander style file browser, run mc in terminal or to install on a personal machine apt install mc.

Shortcut Action
TAB Switch between panels
F4 Edit file --> here select mcedit, it's a neat text editor
F5 Copy file
F6 Move/rename file
F7 Create directory
F8 Delete file/folder
F9 Open main menu
F10 Exit
ALT+S Search for files, unfortunately Ubuntu dashboard eats this keyboard shortcut


Command line web browser, open with links wiki.itcollege.ee or to install on a personal machine apt install links.

Shortcut Action
,,, Navigate between links
ENTER To click
F10 Open main menu
Q Quit browser
G Go to another URL