Meeskond: Nocturne No. 20 in C-sharp Minor

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Client Management System for Leisure Centres 2015 Enterprise edition.

CMSLC 2015EE is touch-screen compatible environment for managing client service and real-time

Upon entering the leisure centre each guest is given a chip card with RFID technology or may be using personal ID card, onto which the guest‘s data regarding time spent in centre and orders for additional service, food and drinks are stored. When customers leave the leisure centre they hand over their chip card at the central checkout.The customer‘s time and orders are read and the total value is calculated. The separation of order and payment gives additional scope for amendment.

One-time or regular customer card types are available. Regular customers are granted opportunity to collect extra points to get additional discounts. CMSLC has a local client database, but cloud storage in case of distributed use among different centres is available for additional charge :)


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