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What is Hotspot?

Hotspot is a WIFI access-point, meant for public internet access. It has a Captive portal webpage, which authenticates new users and grants them access to world-wide-web after authorization requests have been fulfilled.

How does Hotspot Work?

WIFI users connect to a wireless network with any device supporting a web browser. They will be automatically forwarded to the Hotspot's webpage called Captive portal. Forwarding is accomplished with the captive portals own software, whis is located either on the Router itself or in a nearby computer. For example offers a service for a Hotspot portal that authenticates and identifies the user and checks if the access policy's are met. After that the sends a message back to the access point granting access to the world wide web(may also have restrictions applied eg. durqation of connection, volume of data).

How to setup Hotspot?

Setting up an hotspot is easy and free. For example managing portal is compatible with open source softwares that work on Linux routers and computers. MOst recommended option is to install CoovaAp software to a supported router, because of the user-friendly interface, many powerful features and Chillispot captive portal support. Configuring a Coova can be done automatically without using a single console line command and only using a web interface. Alternatively you could install a DD-WRT free software, that is an older version of a Chillispot, but better compatibility with more devices. Below you can find a guide do configure a DD-WRT hotspot. If you think you are proficient enough, you could use a chillispot with every other Linux software, eg. OpenWRT or Linux pc. After you have installed a Chillispot, you just register, open validation email, and create your own hotspot just by giving it a name. When hotspot has been created, open the "display config info" and change your chillispot device. Dont forget to Configure you hotspot and creating your own access profile. Then reboot the router and you should be able to connect to your hotspot and test it. features

You are not required to setup a complicated radius server or a web server. Your hotspot can work autonomous in a cheap wifi router that is connected to the internet. If your hotspot is configured, then managing can be done over the internet and you dont need physical access to the router.

Hotspot management features

  • Wysiwyg hotspot welcome message edition with image and flash uploads.
  • Wysiwyg tickets customization and printing
  • Wysiwyg full welcome page customization
  • Online automatic payment with credit card through Paypal:
    • You choose your own prices
    • Revenue sharing with the highest revenue share of the market: 75% for you!
    • Direct payment from your users into your paypal account. No minimal revenue to wait for to receive your money.
  • There can be multiple access profiles and prices the user can choose.
  • Advanced access profiles features. There can be limitations set by the hotspot owner. These are valid over multiple connections.
    • Total connection time allowed.
    • Total upload/download volume allowed.
    • Maximum upload/download rate.
    • Limitation reset time, that will limit a user to 1hour a day connection or limit downloading to 1Gb in an hour.
  • Multiple hotspots management.
  • Connection history for all hotspots.
  • Synchronization between all the hotpsots to validate users access rights.
  • MAC address based accessiibilty for devices without a web-browser.
  • E-mail validation requirement before using a ticket.

Automated configuration of a device with CoovaAP software

Worldspot is compatible with CoovaAP softwares automated hotspot configurations system. CoovaAP is based on a WhiteRussian fork of Openwrt.

  • Complete the CoovaAP installation.(example guide.
  • After installation, when WIFI is working without passwords, go to Hotspot --> Configuration
  • Hotspot type is "Chillispot UAM"
  • Automated configuration choose "Web url"
  • for the url paste:<HotspotiName>&pass=<YourAccountiPAssword> replacing the <...> with your own details.
  • Disregard "config name" and "Config password".
  • Change "Config interval" to "3600".
  • Save changes.
  • After saving, press "config changes pending" and "apply changes".
  • wait for a while for changes to take place, hotspot should be configured.

Setting up DD-WRT

After installing new firmware on the router. Guide to Install Firmware

  • Connect internet cable to WAN port. Since Hotspot wont start when connected to LAN port.
  • Connect PC to LAN port to acquire ip with DHCP
  • Now you should be able to go to routers web-interface ( login: root Password: admin).
  • Test if you can connect to world wide web with PC. If not reconfigure your Internet settings.
    • If your router has the same IP-address as the Hotspot (192.168.1.x), then change your routers IP-address(for example
  • IF you have connectivity with world wide web, configure the wireless without a password.
  • Check connectivity through WIFI.
  • IF ok, configure Chillispot in Administration/Hotspot/Chillispot:
    • enable Chillispot
    • enable "Separate wifi from the LAN bridge": this will give access to LAN without Chillispot and protects you from WIFI users.
    • for "DHCP Interface" choose WLAN.
    • Set "Radius server 1" IP-address to your own Radius servers IP.
    • Set "Radius server 2" IP-address to your second Radius servers IP, or quad-zero if it doesnt exist.
    • Set "DNS Server" with the address of the DNS server.
    • Set "Shared Key" to your Radius password.
    • "Radius NASID" is your hotspot Radius name.
    • "Redirect URL" is a UAM server, or the web authorization portal.
    • "UAM Secret" is a password between the Redirect URL and the Hotspot.
    • "UAM Allowed" is a list of websites that unauthenticated users are allowed to access.

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