Intensive Learning Week

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English homepage for Estonian IT Colleges 2012 Intensive Learning Week.


The main objective of this week is to create an opportunity for the students to try their knowledge and skills in solving actual tasks which presume implementation of knowledge and skills of several different subjects. During these 5 days, teams with 3-6 members are solving the issues closely related to their specialties which will result in development of functioning prototype-solution.

The week is mainly intended for IT College's second year daytime study students, but it is not limited to them. IT students of other higher educational institutions in Estonia as well a neighboring countries can also take part in it.

In 2012 the week will be form 26th of March until 30th of March. We will start March 26th at 10:00.

Public presentation of finished works takes place on March 29th at 15:00.

Benefits for students

Students have said that they would like more assignments what are more practical and related to real-life problems. Therefore we offer a week there they can put into good use the knowledge what they have solving real assignments. Student gets:

  • International team-work experience
  • Real assignment solving experience (real client, solid deadline
  • Honest evaluation of skills and knowledge
  • Chance to work on tight schedule
  • Nice line in CV and nice solution what can be shown in interviews


Assignments from teachers